Casa Couture is a revolutionary footwear collection that combines luxury designs with patented comfort technology. The brand was inspired by our desire to develop designer quality footwear that self-adjusts to the wearer’s foot, providing a comfortable, customized fit throughout the day.

Casa Couture brand is based on the belief that women should never have to compromise their style for comfort during any stage of life. Whether you’re experiencing the growing pains of pregnancy, adjusting to the changes of weight gain or are constantly on the go, Casa Couture provides a comfortable and fashionable solution. Our brand offers the first and only shoe that can shift and expand along with the size and shape of your foot. The Casa Couture team has consulted with leading footwear experts, podiatrists and pedorthists to engineer a patented, expandable shoe construction that is unlike anything on the market today.

Each shoe is strategically designed to provide high-fashion elegance along with the most superior cushioning, stretch and arch support. From sexy heels to classic ballerina flats, our shoes are as effortlessly stylish and chic as you are.

At Casa Couture, we’ve taken the guess work out of trying to find the perfect shoe that strikes a balance between comfort and style. Our patented shoe construction is specifically designed to meet your comfort needs yet incorporates the high-fashion designs every woman loves. After 3 years of testing, the world’s first, podiatrist-approved designer shoe collection is born, for the women who values fashion and comfort.

Check out our video here on Casa Couture’s shoes and how our technology works. 

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