Hello fashionistas!

One of the latest trends these days is braiding your hair. No, not in the two pigtail five-year-old kind of way. You would be surprised by how many new braid styles there are that you can dress up or down. Whether you are going for a messy casual look, or an up do, there is a braid for you! Check out these different styles that celebs love!

The Fishtail Braid

Celebs like Lauren Conrad and The Kardashians (Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim) all rock this braid for both casual and dressy occasions! It’s simple to make, just using two pieces of hair (see a youtube how to video) and can be worn loosely for a casual look or woven a little tighter to wear for a special occasion.  It’s a simple idea, with a little more edge than a regular braid.

Lauren Conrad on a casual day


Kim Kardashian dressing it up


A ropey braid using the front pieces of your hair, creates a care free look, that allows you to wear your hair down, adding an extra accessorie. This is ideal for someone who prefers wearing their hair down, but wants to spice it up. Blake Lively is a fan of this braid.


For a fancier look, you can incorporate your braid into a bun for an up do. This is perfect for an event or if you are wearing a dress with a beautiful back or kneckline that should be shown off. One great way to do this is by french braiding the sides of your hair, and turning the pieces into a bun at the end, as Kourtney Kardashian does here.


There you have it, some easy, beautiful ways to braid your hair and transform an ordinary hair day intp high fashion style!