Good morning fashionistas! The days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting warmer, and the gingerbread lattes are turning into skinny vanilla lattes. You know what that means; spring is on its way! In preparation for the season of sunshine, we thought you should get a heads start on picking out the perfect pieces for your wardrobe! This year there are five essentials needed to make your wardrobe trendy: round sunglasses, flats, white button-down, high waisted shorts, and a statement necklace.  Don’t panic, we’ll break it down for you.

Round Sunglasses.

Round sunglasses have come along way since the John Lennon-hippie days. More and more brands are embracing the shape, adding that last touch of boho-chic to your outfit. They come in all colors and sizes, ensuring that everyone will find the perfect fit for them. The round ray bans have come back in full force, but we want to show you some less mainstream options. The queens of grungy-chic Mary Kate and Ashley have perfected round sunglasses in their line The Row. You won’t see just anyone wearing these; they are for the fashionista who wants to splurge on eyewear. For a more affordable but still trendy look, online shopping website Asos offers a huge variety of round sunglasses, making it easy to find the perfect pair for you!


       Spring time means no more layering your socks, no more snow boots, and no more dressing for weather over style. Flats are the perfect way to celebrate the warm weather with every step you take. Tod’s are always the easiest to pair with any outfit. You can go classic beige or buy one of their vibrant spring colors like aqua or purple. They exemplify the classic chic woman, so your splurge will last you years.  Check out our website for other great flats that match any spring outfit!

The white button-down.

       Winter has the little black dress; spring has the white button-down. Available in all shapes and sizes, textures and fabrics, you can dress it up, dress it down, and it will always be in style.

High-waisted shorts.

            High-waisted shorts are one of those pieces that seem overwhelming at first, but eventually become your favorite piece. A linen pair in a light color paired with flats and a tucked in tee is the perfect spring outfit, and a leather pair with a tucked in blouse and heels is the perfect dinner date attire.  Zara has a great collection to choose from.

Statement necklace.

            This is an easy way to take an ordinary outfit and add an extra touch of fabulous. Neon and bright jewels are in this season, the bigger the better! Online shopping website Jewel Mint has a huge selection of great pieces.