Spring Acessories Must Haves & Can Haves


Hello Ladies!


The spring season is in full bloom and we’re ready to pack up our boots and slip on our sling backs. Window-shopping season has officially begun and we can’t help but dream about owning that $3,000 dollar purse in the department store window. Well for now, that bag will stay a dream, but we have put a list together of some affordable alternatives that can become a reality!


Starting off the list is the Bottega Veneta Flap Messenger Bag in bright orange. At $1,980 it costs a little more than your average casual messenger bag you bring with you to the supermarket. The color and shape of the bag is gorgeous and orange is on the trendy list for this spring/summer.  For a more affordable option, we have the Marc Jacobs Werdie Weavy Top Handle Messenger bag. At $428 it is much more practical. The green and beige make it a perfect fit for this coming spring!




The next item on our list is the Amelia Bijoux Mixed-Media Small Shoulder Bag by Chloé.  This is the most beautiful $3,995 bag we have ever seen! The gold strap perfectly complements the push-lock flap and the black and white would match any outfit of ours! We would fit our iPhone, MAC lipstick, and Dior foundation perfectly in here! Back to reality however, Madewell made some great bags this year, and one of them is the lovelock mini bag. At $128 it is right up our alley of affordable and stylish! It comes in a bunch of great colors, but our favorite is the electric blue!



Third on our list are a pair of Anemone Lizard-Stamped Leather d’Orsday Pumps by Fendi. These black babies can dress an outfit up or down. At a staggering $890, they can either compliment a little black dress, or dress up an old pair of skinny jeans. We would love to prance around in these, but an almost identical pair can be found at Steve Madden. Steve Madden is always a great choice when picking out fab heels. We found a great alternative for this black Fendi pump, the Amplifyd black Bubuck platform by Steve Madden, now on sale for $114.98.



The Fourth and final item on our wish list is a pair of round acetate sunglasses from The Row. We have had our eyes on these for a while but at $430 we will have to wait. The round oversized frame compliments all face shapes and they would make any outfit look trendy. Sticking with the round trend, Urban Outfitters has a super chic pair of Valley Dreams Round Sunglasses, for only $16. These would look great with a tan and a sundress! 





How To Choose The Shoe For You

Good morning ladies!

Have you still not found that one designer that totally gets you? 

Sometimes the hardest part of picking a shoe is knowing where to start! That’s why we have made a list of five very different, very fabulous designers for you.  Each of these designers compliments a different sense of style, and we want to help you find which one is best for you!

Brian Atwood

This American designer is perfect for the spunky fashionista. If you incorporate lots of bold colors in your style, and aren’t scared to rock a 5-inch heel then he is the man for you. He epitomizes everything that sparkles, dazzles, and stands out.  This pair of sparkly heels is one of our favorites from his spring collection.  Paired with a little black dress, or a pantsuit, this is the perfect shoe for the modern day fashionista to add a little shine to her outfit. 



Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe started off as our favorite celebrity stylists, and has evolved into her very own fashion designer. Her clothes are chic, stunning, and everything that is young and trendy. If you love the latest trends and aren’t scared to rock an avant-garde look, Rachel Zoe is perfect for you. She is of the more affordable designers, so this is perfect for the younger fashionista. Her metallic sandals will look great with any summer outfit!


Miu Miu

 One of our favorites! Miu Miu is for the woman who appreciates a classic approach to fashion, with a little bedazzled heel. Whether in a button down, jeans, and a cute pair of flats, or a pencil skirt with a great pair of heels, this woman is preppy, composed, and wants her shoes to speak for themselves. Usually Miu Miu shoes are the most vibrant part of any woman’s outfit, so the simpler the outfit, the more the shoes shine. Here is one of our favorite beige pair with a bedazzled heel!



Saint Laurent

 As we have seen “YSL” turn into just “SL” we must admit, we are loving the new line. A timeless brand, that accommodates to both old and young fashionistas, Saint Laurent is perfect for those girls who love their blacks and whites. Whether you want the famous 5.5-inch skinny heel for a night out, or the 3-inch heel, Saint Laurent accommodates the fashionista who hasn’t quite jumped on board with the neon trend yet. 


Giuseppe Zanotti

Crazy, unpredictable, and shameless! Giuseppe Zanotti heels are for the wild fashionista who cares about matching her outfits even less than following the rules. She is bold, she is young, and she is ready to make a statement. Any Giuseppe Zanotti heels announce, “I have arrived!”



There you have it ladies, a look at five fab designers that match your unique personalities! Remember, fashion is about taking risks, so don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone!

Fashion Blogs To Follow

Good morning fashionistas!

Do you ever wonder where people get inspiration for outfits? Or how to distinguish what’s trendy or not? How bout seeing a girl on the street and wondering where she got those awesome jeans or shirt? Well, I’ll introduce you to a little secret. Here are three of my all time favorite fashion blogs that give me inspiration for everyday style. What I love about these blogs is they combine expensive pieces with inexpensive pieces, making all the outfits available for any budget.  Whether you are looking for something casual to wear during the day, trendy for nighttime, or a dress for an extra special occasion, these girls know their clothes!


The Blonde Salad


The Blonde Salad is a blog that focuses on the everyday looks and life of Chiara Ferragni. An Italian born fashion icon, she started off with a passion for fashion, and has transformed into creating her own shoe line, and multiple partnerships with big time brands, most recently Tod’s.  You can catch her traveling all over the world, attending fashion shows or working on her latest project. Chiara has a fun sense of style, and is great inspiration for the fashionista that wants to take a risk. Here is a look from Milan Fashion Week that Chiara wore, which exemplifies the funky fashionista.  She loves accessories, and as you follow her posts, you will get an inside look at the coolest trends and outfits.



Her outfit is by Fausto Puglisi. The colors and pattern are a little more daring than a simple dress, but still chic.


The Fashion Fruit


The Fashion fruit is a blog also by an Italian Fashionista, Veronica Ferraro. She is a great example for girls that want to dress in the classic dress and blazer, paired with pumps for a night out.  This outfit is a little more on the preppy side, but she adds a splash of color to keep it young.



The Fashion fruit is a blog also by an Italian Fashionista, Veronica Ferraro. She is a great example for girls that want to dress in the classic dress and blazer, paired with pumps for a night out.  

At Fashion Forte


The last fashion blog that is a must follow is written by “Made in Chelsea” star Rosie Fortescue. This London based fashionista is always on the best dressed list, and always making a splash wherever she goes. Her blog takes you into her every day outfit choices. One outfit that I love is her classic leather pants, paired with a more conservative top and boots. Her top is from Oxygen Boutique, pants from Topshop, and boots are Tod’s.  This is a great example of mixing high fashion with more affordable clothing. 




Follow one or all of these fashionistas and you will be sure to get inspiration from their looks. They are great with contacting their fans so shoot them a question and you will hear back! Don’t let fashion fool you. Everyone can put together a great outfit! 

Trendy Braids

Hello fashionistas!

One of the latest trends these days is braiding your hair. No, not in the two pigtail five-year-old kind of way. You would be surprised by how many new braid styles there are that you can dress up or down. Whether you are going for a messy casual look, or an up do, there is a braid for you! Check out these different styles that celebs love!

The Fishtail Braid

Celebs like Lauren Conrad and The Kardashians (Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim) all rock this braid for both casual and dressy occasions! It’s simple to make, just using two pieces of hair (see a youtube how to video) and can be worn loosely for a casual look or woven a little tighter to wear for a special occasion.  It’s a simple idea, with a little more edge than a regular braid.

Lauren Conrad on a casual day


Kim Kardashian dressing it up


A ropey braid using the front pieces of your hair, creates a care free look, that allows you to wear your hair down, adding an extra accessorie. This is ideal for someone who prefers wearing their hair down, but wants to spice it up. Blake Lively is a fan of this braid.


For a fancier look, you can incorporate your braid into a bun for an up do. This is perfect for an event or if you are wearing a dress with a beautiful back or kneckline that should be shown off. One great way to do this is by french braiding the sides of your hair, and turning the pieces into a bun at the end, as Kourtney Kardashian does here.


There you have it, some easy, beautiful ways to braid your hair and transform an ordinary hair day intp high fashion style!

Three Spring Shoe Trends



Hello Fashionistas! I don’t know about you, but our feet are getting so tired of being stuffed into layers of socks and boots. Luckily, spring is on its way, and with it comes the latest trends for footwear. This year there are three trends that we particularly love!


The first trend is the see through look. This combines plastic with high fashion brands to provide a see through trendy look. Major designers and celebrities have embraced this look, which embodies the perfect mix of high fashion and hipster chic. Chanel made a great black pump with clear straps, and celebs like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian are wearing Christian Louboutin pumps with a black and neon combo!

Image Chanel 


Rihanna wearing Christian Louboutin


The second trend is a heel modeled after the classic gladiator style sandal. Designers added all sorts of materials such as fringe, metal, leather, to create a unique fashion statement. As street style is becoming more avant-garde, this bold heel serves as the perfect touch to make an outfit stand out!

Image Tom Ford

Image Versace


The last trend we love for spring is the play on black and white that designers are using to create a classic Chanel-chic look. Whether you are dressing for a casual afternoon, or a fancy dinner, you can never go wrong with a timeless black and white combo. Some designers that have embraced this are Michael Kors



and Philip Lim.



Be on the lookout for these three trends and we guarantee your spring wardrobe this year will be the trendiest one yet!


Spring Nail Colors

Good morning fashionistas!

As spring is approaching, it’s time to start searching for the perfect spring accessories. In this case that means finding the right spring nail polish for you! We don’t know about you, but nothing makes us happier than newly polished nails to match our outfits! As we saw in NY and London Fashion Weeks 2013 designers chose an unpolished nail to match their vibrant spring colors. Valentino, Stella McCartney, and Gucci all opted for a pale nail this season.

Image  Stella McCartney

Image Gucci

Image Valentino

Brands such as Essie, Chanel, and OPI have embraced this look, giving us light, pastel colors for spring.

Essie has a great variety of colors, but two that caught our eye were a light green “Navigate Her” and a light purple “To Buy or Not to Buy.”  Both colors will match your spring wardrobe and give you that subtle balance of pastel with any of your favorite spring pieces!


We can always count on Chanel to add a little funk in our lives, and this years limited edition colors are no exception! Looking to add a little sparkle to your nail? Well, you’ve found the brand for you. Two colors that have become our favorite are “Peridot” and “Mimosa.” Both will give a little pop to your look, and who doesn’t want to make a statement?

Image   Image

OPI has mixed the two extremes, giving us a blend of pastel but still the option of a statement color. Our favorites would have to be the trendy “Germany” and the vibrant “Minnie Mouse.”

Image  Image

So whether you want a subtle look or to enter with a bang, this year’s spring nail colors leave you with a variety of options to play around with!

5 Spring Essentials



Good morning fashionistas! The days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting warmer, and the gingerbread lattes are turning into skinny vanilla lattes. You know what that means; spring is on its way! In preparation for the season of sunshine, we thought you should get a heads start on picking out the perfect pieces for your wardrobe! This year there are five essentials needed to make your wardrobe trendy: round sunglasses, flats, white button-down, high waisted shorts, and a statement necklace.  Don’t panic, we’ll break it down for you.

Round Sunglasses.

Round sunglasses have come along way since the John Lennon-hippie days. More and more brands are embracing the shape, adding that last touch of boho-chic to your outfit. They come in all colors and sizes, ensuring that everyone will find the perfect fit for them. The round ray bans have come back in full force, but we want to show you some less mainstream options. The queens of grungy-chic Mary Kate and Ashley have perfected round sunglasses in their line The Row. You won’t see just anyone wearing these; they are for the fashionista who wants to splurge on eyewear. For a more affordable but still trendy look, online shopping website Asos offers a huge variety of round sunglasses, making it easy to find the perfect pair for you!


       Spring time means no more layering your socks, no more snow boots, and no more dressing for weather over style. Flats are the perfect way to celebrate the warm weather with every step you take. Tod’s are always the easiest to pair with any outfit. You can go classic beige or buy one of their vibrant spring colors like aqua or purple. They exemplify the classic chic woman, so your splurge will last you years.  Check out our website for other great flats that match any spring outfit!

The white button-down.

       Winter has the little black dress; spring has the white button-down. Available in all shapes and sizes, textures and fabrics, you can dress it up, dress it down, and it will always be in style.

High-waisted shorts.

            High-waisted shorts are one of those pieces that seem overwhelming at first, but eventually become your favorite piece. A linen pair in a light color paired with flats and a tucked in tee is the perfect spring outfit, and a leather pair with a tucked in blouse and heels is the perfect dinner date attire.  Zara has a great collection to choose from.

Statement necklace.

            This is an easy way to take an ordinary outfit and add an extra touch of fabulous. Neon and bright jewels are in this season, the bigger the better! Online shopping website Jewel Mint has a huge selection of great pieces.


The History of the Ballet Flat


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Perfect for slipping on and running out the door for a busy afternoon of shopping, ballet flats are universally adored for being both comfortable and chic. For those of us looking to take a break from our heels and leave a daintier footprint on our earth, the ballet flat is the perfect shoe to satisfy our needs. The ballet flat is lightweight, and with little to no heel, walking in them could not be more comfortable. They are truly a fashion classic!

Ballet flats have been in style for centuries, and naturally it all started with ballet, modeling the ballet flat after the ballet slipper. The ballet flat dates all the way back to the 16th century when they served as equal opportunity footwear. However, the flat briefly went out of style with the introduction of the high heel after Catherine de’ Medici wore them at her wedding.

However like all trends in the style world, ballet flats were revived after Marine Antoinette walked to the guillotine in a pair of heels. Heels quickly went out of style and ballet flats became the shoe of choice for many women.

Brigette Bardot in her Ballet Flats


Brigette Bardot in her Ballet Flats

Then in 1947 ballet flats were introduced to the everyday women with the help of Rose Repetto. She crafted her first ballet flat, hand-stitching the now timeless Repetto ballet flat, for her son, the renowned dancer and choreographer, Roland Petit. Her ballet flats immediately became popular among professional dancers. After French actress and animal activist Brigitte Bardot wore a pair of Repetto’s flats the trend of the ballet shoe launched into iconic status.

Audrey Hepburn in Ballet Flats

Ballet flats took off again in the 1950s after Audrey Hepburn wore a pair of ballet flats with skinny jeans in the film “Funny Face” in 1957.

Today women all over the world consider the ballet flat to be their go-to shoe, so lesson learned, never underestimate the ballet flat!

Non-traditional Gifts this Holiday Season


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As the holidays approach, one of the most rewarding but stressful parts is gift giving. Most of us probably spend hours trying to find the right present for the person who has everything while simultaneously being thoughtful and kindhearted. Even though around the holidays it is customary to give sometimes lavish presents, it is also possible to give gifts this holiday season that are a bit non-traditional and will have some meaning behind them.

Here is a list of a few of our favorite non-traditional gifts:

GlobalGiving Gift Cards


The gift cards from GlobalGiving allow you to give the gift of giving; the recipient of the gift card gets to pick the projects they want to support and see how their money has been put to work with updates from the field. This is the perfect gift that keeps on giving this holiday season!


Custom Puzzle


Customized gifts are always a favorite, and what’s more fun than a personalized puzzle for the whole family? This 252-piece puzzle will definitely provide lasting memories!



Nature Box


Give the gift of health this holiday season by gifting a 3-12 month subscription to Nature Box. The subscription includes a monthly delivery of nutritionist-approved snacks that taste great. Each box includes 15-20 servings of healthy and delicious snacks for your friend or relative to enjoy beyond the end of the holiday season.

Prints from 20×200


The website 20×200 has one-of-a kind art prints for sale starting at $24. The website was launched in 2007 with the hope to encourage more collection of art, so join the movement and support an artist and purchases a print from 20×200.

Free Arts NYC membership 

free arts nyc logo

Membership gives you a wide range of benefits, including two-for-one admission and merchandise discounts at the Guggenheim, Whitney, New Museum, and Cooper-Hewitt, among other cultural institutions. Proceeds benefit local art programs for children in need, so this is the perfect gift for the museum junkie while helping the local NYC community spread art and creativity.

How to Transform your Work Look to a Party Look for the Holidays

Career women in the 21st century commonly have to make the style transition from the boardroom to a night out with no chance to go home and change. No woman wants to show up to girls night out in her power suit; however, with a bit of planning, changing your look from day to night can be easy.

The first step to successfully making this transition is to determine what office staples can double as party appropriate pieces. Make sure to plan ahead when choosing clothing for the workday; you’ll have an easier time with structured separates that can stand alone.

Examples include sheer and silky blouses, neutral pencil skirts, blazers, solid color, A-line dresses and closed-toe pumps. Why not take a silky blouse and pair it with skinny jeans and the heels you wore to work that day? Or, throw your blazer over your party dress for a chic alternative to a stuffy winter coat.

The next step is to accessorize. The holidays are all about sparkle, so pack a statement necklace or bracelets to create an evening look. Also, choosing an eye-catching belt or pair of shoes can transform your ensemble from lunch meetings to the office holiday party! Changing your hair and make-up can freshen up your look even further and take it to the next level.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces that can easily transform your outfit from day to night:

LRD: The New LBD


Forgo a little black dress this holiday season, and mix it up with this red peplum dress from Neiman Marcus. This bright shade is perfect for the holiday season and can be easily dressed up with a few key pieces for a holiday party.

“Cinch It”

Mago beaded belt kate spade beltIf you do have the perfect little black dress, or want to bring a solid color dress to life, then add a festive holiday belt like these from ShopStyle! The winter season calls for dressing up your outfits, and a belt is a simple way to take your work look from day to night.

“Jingle Bells”

peacock gem earrings candy gem bangles

Jewelry is one of our favorite ways to dress up a look for a holiday party. These bangles and earrings from BaubleBar add the perfect sparkle and can easily be added to your work look.


“Cool Clutches”

clutch 1clutch 2There is nothing that can elevate your work look faster than a fabulous clutch. Bold clutches are a piece of jewelry in themselves and are the perfect embellishment to any outfit! These clutches from ShopBop are perfect for the holiday season and beyond!


“Sparkling Season”

glitter pantsCompletely transform your look with these sequin pants from beauxx.com. Throw these into your bag as you head off to work and you will definitely be ready for any holiday party! Wear a more neutral blouse like the black one that has been paired with the pants, and then before you head off to your party, transition into your night look by simply changing out of your work pants into these fun sequin ones!


“Twinkle Toes”

glitter flatsShoes are a fun, and easy way to change up your look from day to night. These glitter flats are the perfect addition to any work outfit and can instantly dress up your look. Timeless, yet modern these metallic gold flats will make any outfit this holiday!